Still using paper-based sign-in sheets? Instructors and supervisors having difficulty recording OJT or class sessions? Instructors that don’t want to use your LMS for roster entry? Most companies still capture attendance for workshops, remote classroom training and on-the-job training with manual processes. Why not automate this – increase efficiency and accuracy of the information?

Beacons in the Classroom

Beacons app aims to benefit both the learner and instructor, replacing the manual mode of clocking in and out with a seamless experience that will minimize the possibility of human error such as missed punches, inaccuracy in processing LMS. The use of this app can result in saving time for the human resource manager, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company, usually at the expense of miscalculated compensation. The employee attendance system also requires little set-up from the users, who only need to download an app developed by us. Once installed, attendance can be tracked through strategic entry/exit locations with all data stored in the app and integrate with LMS.

Beacons also offer a solution that can add that contextual experience and real world interaction back into employees classroom experience.


Integrate with Punch Card

Automate your class room training data –  Large organization still capture attendance for workshops, remote classroom training, and on-the-job training with manual process.

Many learners attend numerous ILT sessions and take multiple assessments of different forms, the scope of administrative services expand with documenting flat files containing training data.

The roster application retrieves the data from document, once the data is validated against reference tables, it is transmitted to the LMS database and the employee training data is automatically updated.


  • Automates Attendance, Duration & Training Completion details
  • Fully Integrate with your enterprise level LMS
  • Save Time & Cost
  • Avoid Attendance Issues
  • Accurate reporting of Training completions