As any good marketer knows, branding and customization is not something that should be restricted to customer-facing communications. Branding consistency is also key when communicating with employees and partners to enhance the connection they feel with your company’s brand – and learning platforms are no exception.

That’s why our LMS provides you with several options to customize and personalize the task-based user interface: everything from your visual identity to the way your data is reported. These customization solutions allow you to enhance the user experience through developing a LMS that users can relate to, engage with and adopt with ease.

Custom News Pages

One of the most powerful built-in personalization features included with today’s Learning Management Systems is the customizable News content area available on the Homepages of Learner, Manager, and Administrator modes. The News area provides a place where custom content can be presented to a user based on that user's organization or domain and active mode.

In the age of smartphones and smart TVs, your training dashboards should also be ‘smart’. Both you and your users need to be able to quickly access information on progress and performance. Our intuitive dashboards can provide both you and your users with the data and insight needed to make swift and accurate decisions regarding training.

You no longer need to spend hours searching and analyzing: our custom solutions ensure you have the information you want right at your fingertips, no matter how quickly things are changing. We will work alongside you to completely customize your training dashboard, consulting with you every step of the way to ensure it meets your specific requirements. Our services allow you to build a dashboard that impels your users to develop their skills and performance and to truly enjoy continuous, on-the-job learning, while simultaneously providing you with a system that encourages better communication, reporting and results.

Custom Branding

We at Earthly Systems recognize the need for branding consistency across services. Users of your learning portal should be able to immediately make a connection between what they are seeing and your company’s overall personality and brand. That is why we will collaborate with your marketing team to ensure that the visual identity of your LMS reflects your company’s personality and brand. Incorporating your brand marketing standards from colors and fonts to language and logos not only looks professional, it augments the user experience and underlines the feeling of connectivity between the individual user and your company.

• We develop themes that personalize each user’s view of the interface based on their domain or organization.
• We create easy-to-read, visually engaging learning activity descriptions and notes for your end-users.
• Rather than plain text messages, we can develop customized email notifications that captures the reader’s eye to help ensure that your message is read.
• We also develop custom diploma templates for continuing education in landscape and portrait views.