Report Bundle

Tired of struggling to find the data you need to prove your learning programs’ ROI? There’s an easier way to access the data you need to measure your initiatives against set performance indicators: customized reporting.

Building reports from scratch from within your LMS can be time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. There’s no need for it. We’ve created a series of ready-to-use report bundles, fully customisable and developed with your reporting needs in mind – so you can start measuring right away.

Best of all, our Report Bundles are routinely updated, meaning your reporting always meets industry standards and best practices.

Here are just some examples of the types of reports available, ready for use by SaaS or on-premises customers:

  • Observation Checklist Detailed Report
  • eLearning Detailed Report
  • Program Completion Report
  • Learning Analysis Report
  • Course Overview Report
  • Curriculum Overview Report
  • Offerings Calendar View Report
  • Year-On-Year Training Analysis Report

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