Modernize your Learning with TV-Style Dashboards

Aug 22, 2017

It’s not always easy to keep up with industry trends. The world of learning has, in recent years, been exposed to more innovation than we’ve ever seen before: free online courses (such as MOOCs), video-based learning, new technologies – you name it. There’s been so much innovation, in fact, that many companies struggle to keep up when it comes to corporate learning.

However, we at Earthly have witnessed a shift in the industry as we begin to understand how to bring tools and influences from the consumer marketplace into the realm of corporate training.

More and more, learning managers are realising the need to transform their learning management systems (LMS) into a complete, compelling learning experience. Our previous blog posts have expanded on this phenomenon, explaining how businesses are incorporating interactive content (like videos and quizzes) to develop LMS that are engaging and enjoyable.

However, perhaps the most interesting shift we have seen in terms of consumerizing corporate learning is the evolution of learning dashboards that emulate digital TV.

TV-Style Dashboards: What’s it all about?

Traditionally, corporate learning and LMS structure have operated in a standard way, similar to what you’d experience in academic learning: choosing courses from a catalogue and completing it step by step.

The world of constant, on-demand content means this simply is no longer the case.

Today’s learners need something far more engaging than a traditional course catalogue with slides upon slides of thick, formal text. It has taken a while for us to get there, but the corporate learning industry has finally caught up.

It seems second nature to assume that the best way to get to grab a learner’s attention is to create a learning platform that looks familiar and, therefore, inviting. What better way to reach out to your Netflix-watching, Spotify-streaming learners than with a TV-style learner dashboard?

Think of your typical streaming service. Though each may be branded differently, the same elements hold true: content categorised by genre or topic, small preview windows, and recommendations based on what’s popular or what’s new. The elements are easy to navigate and, more often that not, show you exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Consider the image below – a learner dashboard for the fictional company, Flight Circle. Its grid layout and heavy imagery use are enough to evoke a modern TV service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. On even closer look, you can see functionality that truly mimic these streaming services, such as easily navigable categories. Beyond general topics under the ‘Videos’ category, the dashboard makes recommendations based on what’s new (‘Latest Learning’), where the learner left off (‘Continue Learning’), and saved preferences (‘My Learning’).

This sophisticated way of offering training options to learners is not only easy to use, it is an intelligent way to personalise the learning experience while standardising learning across the organisation.

The gamification of learning

TV-style learner dashboards have also opened the door to gamification features within LMS. These features are increasingly being used by those wanting to provide their learners with training in a fun, engaging way. Gamification elements on a learner dashboard are shown to stimulate motivation, boost performance and better involve learners.

The photo below demonstrates an extended enterprise learner dashboard Earthly has developed that uses a gamification element: points. When it comes to e-learning, points are awarded to learners for finishing tasks or taking part in optional learning activity. In the image, you’ll see that a learner has earned 200 points for completing training on Sales Fundamentals. These points would normally allow a learner to unlock higher levels of training, or could be traded in by the learner in exchange for some sort of reward.

Is it truly groundbreaking?

Is this way of presenting learning truly new and unique? Yes, and no. Innovators in the corporate learning industry have been trying to implement TV-like features for several years. Some have succeeded, but only by developing dashboards and platforms that supercede the underlying LMS.

What’s the difference? Simplification (and who doesn’t like simplification?).

LMS service providers like Earthly can now implement these solutions in a single effort. We deliver a true TV-style learning experience that is simultaneously your LMS, both for corporate customers and extended enterprise customers.

It’s a whole new concept for corporate learning: a modernised approach that incorporates formal, structured learning with a pleasant interface that is both familiar and enjoyable for the learner.