6 Benefits Of SumTotal Administrator Dashboard That May Change Your Perspective

May 17, 2017

We realized that some customers didn’t have an  SumTotal administrator dashboard and were instead using a very basic model. Essentially, they were not providing their administrators with the right dashboard to improve the LMS utilization and satisfaction they needed to succeed in this crucial role, a role we easily believe is the most important in the system.

After careful thought, we have created an administrator dashboard that not only provides administrators with plenty of value, but also provides education on its importance. The result is an easy to use and effective dashboard that offers administrators numerous benefits.

What Information Our administrator dashboard Provides:

Dashboard allows administrators to retain all the key information they must be able to quickly and easily access in one place. The admin dashboard includes a wide array of pertinent information, including

  •  Learners recent activity
  •  Overall competency measures
  •  Compliance deadlines met vs. deadlines not being met
  •  Most popular curricula
  •  Satisfaction indicator based on trainee responses

Information on Specific Time Periods

Dashboard has been designed to automatically default to display information for the past month. However, admins have the option of viewing the time period of their choice by easily changing the settings.

Extract Crucial Information

Dashboard was created to ensure that users could access the pertinent information they were in search of in a timely manner.  Instead of scrolling through page after page of unnecessary reports, users can retrieve the information they need in a single step.

Easily tracks recent activities and evaluations in real time

Dashboard provides users with the ability to keep track of learner activities and evaluation responses.  The progress of all the learners can be monitored, recorded, and evaluated to ensure everything is on track or to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Administrators can verify the system performance, are made aware of hidden issues, and can also discuss metrics to improve their LMS utilization with global learning managers.

Information that Allows Users to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Dashboard provides users with the critical information they need to identify exactly what is working and what areas of LMS could use some improvement.

Dashboard offers numerous benefits

  1.  One step access to the information they are most often in search of
  2.  To quickly obtain the pertinent information they need without having to look through multiple reports
  3.  To extract crucial information from their LMS to prove training ROI
  4.  To view the entire company’s performance at a single glance
  5.  To use performance and satisfaction data to make informed decisions regarding training activities in the future
  6.  The option of looking at information for specific time periods

Final Thoughts

Administrator dashboard helps administrators analyze areas for improvement in a timely manner, ensuring that all learners actually benefit from the system. Organizations are made  aware of changes in their learners’ behavior, allowing them to provide an enhanced user experience to gain the preferred business outcomes.

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