Our Story

We are a team of passionate people who promise to change your world for the better by combining SumTotal with our world-class services to train and elevate your workforce. We are the only global SumTotal-exclusive post production services provider.

We help organizations around the world gain maximum value from SumTotal investment– by optimizing SumTotal within their organizations. We are here to help you take advantage of the power of SumTotal, with specialized services that are catered to your current—and future—business needs.

Our Name

We at Earthly Systems believe business, like life, is defined by more than just revenue, profit, and cash flow. Of course, we recognize the importance of material wealth, and our customers look to us to provide solutions that improve their bottom line. However, we have an equal appreciation for the other aspects that make up our individual and collective lives.

We recognize that modern businesses look beyond revenue, striving for compelling corporate culture, responsible business activity and lasting relationships with customers and partners. That is exactly why our company is “earthly” : our appreciation for the bigger picture means we understand there is more to human life and more to one’s career than just money.

Like the word ‘earthly’, Earthly Systems is synonymous with possibility, imagination, and feasibility. Our team has expertly crafted the perfect recipe of efficiency and expediency with a dash of creativity. We are known for our outside-the-box thinking and for delivering inventive solutions that truly work.

Our Promise

Be the change you want to see. We’re not your standard tech company, and we have no desire to be. We understand that your company has its own vision and values and we want to help you realize them.

Find the right solution. We are dedicated to working together to find fresh and flexible solutions that meet your unique needs in your own particular way.

Be a team you love to work with. We are a skilled, creative, fun and respectful group that loves a good challenge.

Our Values


Recognizing that our earthly existence is made up of more than just work and that hard work should be acknowledged, praised and offset by time to recharge.


Working as a synergistic team with an appreciation for individual skills, experiences, and backgrounds.


Continually searching for opportunities for professional development and never turning down an opportunity to try something new.


Holding and practicing a clearly defined set of morals and always striving to do the right thing.


Bringing a fresh and creative outlook to the workplace, each and every day.


Considering the impact of our actions on other individuals and on our planet.

Our Team

We consider our employees to be the foundation of our company. There will always be a need for technological solutions, but without great talent, our business would cease to exist. To remain competitive, we are dedicated to building our human capital by attracting top talent and people who are passionate about meeting a challenge with inventive solutions.

We bring more than 15 years of combined experience in the areas of application development and maintenance, analytics, cloud computing, experience design and learning and development.

Join Us

Do you like what you see? Looking to step away from money-driven business outlooks and into a team that appreciates collaboration and fresh perspectives?

Want to work for a company that recognizes your earthly purpose is more than to just sit behind a desk and generate revenue? We would love to meet you!

Please send your resume to info@earthlysystems.com and somebody will get back to you.