Earthly delivers e-learning content that holds your employee’s attention, making it easier and more likely to retain everything they learn.

Providing High-Quality Content

Having a platform to deliver digital learning to your organization is just the beginning: now you need to fill it with content that works for you and your employees.

We provide a range of e-learning content compatible with your SumTotal learning system – and with your goals. Whether you’re looking for on-boarding inductions or training for a particular skill, our courses are designed to engage your employees, provide a seamless learning experience, and meet your training needs for almost any topic.

Our high-quality content is devoted to what truly matters for your organization and your learners, resulting in demonstrable, meaningful learning experiences and desirable results.

What Makes Our Content Special

You pride yourself on being different from your competitors. You services and staff are unique, which means you also have unique training needs. That’s why Earthly’s e-learning content is developed with your needs in mind. We’ve searched high and low for the features that make for the best digital learning, and are pleased to offer content that is…

  • Made-to-order: Bespoke content that is designed and delivered to your exact specifications. With Earthly, there’s no room for generic, standard content. Everything is custom-designed to ensure engaging, inviting learning that delivers results
  • Multi-device: Your organization is modern and relevant, and your e-learning solutions should be too. Our content is designed to work across devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones – to ensure your employees can learn anywhere, any time
  • Rapid: Time is money. We know you can’t wait forever for e-learning content, and our solutions are delivered in a timely manner