Integration connectors make it fast and easy to connect all of your systems, including cloud technologies, and on-premise applications. A wide variety of out-of-the-box connectors, as well as expansive support for industry-standard integration protocols, standards, and APIs, make integrating with virtually any system easy. Earthly helps you seamlessly access information from all your systems – from corporate applications, to social networking resources, to cloud services


We can create portals to provide the ultimate personalised web-based learning environment.

Portals give employees, customers, partners, and suppliers a single point of access to the company applications, services, and information available to them in the LMS. Learning portals offer business users the capability to easily create and manage portal pages and to generate their own portal content.

  • Reduce IT costs through fast, affordable integration of resources within the LMS and online
  • Access the portal from desktops and mobile devices
  • Provide the tools to manage and analyse resources plus share and collaborate information
  • Ensure a secure and scalable environment with the technology and architecture of the portal
  • Build Business specific portals

Integrate with Salesforce products

Salesforce system contains a wealth of rich data that can help make your eLearning processes smarter and more efficient. Integrating Salesforce and your Learning Management System will also make life easier for admins and learners.

  • Improve employee, customer, channel and compliance training
  • Correlate Salesforce data against LMS training data in Dashboards and Reports
  • Reports on paid training
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Most popular training

Integrate with SharePoint

You can combine the content management capabilities of an LMS into one powerful output.

Effortless creation, collaboration, sharing, organizing and managing of training made possible with the SharePoint LMS Integration.

  • HR can use it for competency, skill and certification management
  • Cost-Effective Integration
  • Integration used as a substitution of the classroom/hybrid trainings
  • Centralized Location for accessing training resources

Integrate with Workday

With the Earthly Workday Connector, all employee data is synchronized with the LMS, allowing you to keep your training programs relevant. Earthly advanced mapping controls allow you to correctly align people to where they need to be within the LMS during the data import process, so you can drive very targeted learning assignments.

  • Employee update synchronization
  • Training update synchronization
  • Organization data synchronization
  • Location data synchronization

Mobile Integration

Earthly mobile integration solutions let you deliver a great mobile experience using mobile device capabilities and contextual real-time access to backend information. The combination lets you build apps for improving the productivity of your knowledge workers and the interactions you have with customers.

Based on the processes and information stored in your systems – and a great user interface design – your apps will be truly differentiating.

  • Exploit Mobile advantages
  • Create purpose-built apps
  • Control Costs
  • Make it a Two-way channel


  • Drive New Revenue Streams: Deliver a great, differentiating web & mobile experience backed by sumtotal-enabled services that enable contextual offers.
  • Empower Partners and Mobile Workers: Let users access and contribute to enterprise training resources and information in real time.
  • Reduce Complexity and Costs: Eliminate costly interfaces and complex connections by integrating and orchestrating service components using a centralized platform.
  • Leverage Existing Assets: Extract greater value from existing IT investments by enabling data and service reuse.