Application portfolios are continuously delivered. This ensures the business value of all development efforts is realized in much faster release cycles. A cultural shift in the way engineers view and interact with customers has also led to improved customer satisfaction. Engineers are now more interested in how software is performing and if customers are satisfied with the features it offers.


In order to get ahead in today’s world, it is crucial that industries run at digital speed.

Our in-house experts have agile qualities embedded in the core of their DNA.

This makes them instinctively capable of helping our clients introduce and adapt agile concepts by using tailor-made solutions that meet business requirements.

We help your company understand its progress in agile adoption and provide the best results.  We provide detailed analysis and services ranging from assessing readiness to developing recommendations and roadmaps for continuous improvement & growth. We help organizations with the following initiatives:

  • Agile Readiness Assessments
  • Agile Maturity Assessments
  • Agile Engineering and DevOps Assessments
  • Agile-enabled Delivery
  • Distributed Agile and Managed Services

Architecture Services

Architecture is of crucial importance because it is the right abstraction for performing ongoing analyses throughout a system’s lifetime. Earthly Enterprise Architecture services focus on ensuring that our customers achieve both of these goals.

Architecture Thinking

  1. High-level system design providing system-level structural abstractions and quality attributes, which helps in manage complexity.
  2. Makes engineering tradeoffs explicit

Quality Attributes

  1. Properties of work products or goods by which stakeholders judge their quality
  2. Stems from business and mission goals.
  3. Should be characterized in a system-specific way
  • Architecture Blueprinting Service
  • Innovation as a Service
  • Information Architecture Services

Application Development

Helping enterprises build sophisticated business applications that are robust, scalable, and extensible.

Advanced Apps

Agile application development and deployment platform using open and standard technology. It simplifies and streamlines application design and development through visual modeling, instant code generation, and automatic deployment.

This model enables faster development of enterprise‑class applications, improves developer productivity, and reduces time to market. Earthly offers solutions and services in each of these areas.

  1. Enterprise application development
  2. Mobile application development
  3. Rapid business prototyping
  4. Industrialization solutions
  5. Product training, consulting, support and customization
  6. Low-code Platform

Advanced Solutions

With experience in a variety of major industries, we can create solutions for meeting the most challenging IT problems. We combine deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability, and program management skills to help you integrate and acquire new capabilities for heterogeneous systems that span both mainstream and emerging technologies.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java/J2EE
  • Portals and content management
  • SOA
  • Messaging and integration

Application Integration

Our integration solutions are derived from cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms, such as the cloud and virtual servers, they can be readily adapted for future requirements.

The Earthly Consulting team uses best practices, as well as frameworks and methodologies, so that we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management, and SOA.

    • Integration architecture roadmap
    • Proof of concept
    • Product evaluation
    • Roadmap for EAI/ESB/SOA implementation
    • Business process and infrastructure optimization
    • Capacity planning for middleware
    • Integration testing strategy

Application Modernization

Create business value from legacy applications

Leveraging a global delivery model, Earthly specializes in driving business value from an organization’s existing platforms and applications through the customization and implementation of innovative solutions.

Our expertise in Application Migration and Modernization helps clients quickly identify and implement solutions that maximize the performance of complex, legacy applications or upgrade to new, viable solutions.

  • Total Transformation
  • Gradual Replacement
  • Improve Existing
  • Localized, small-scale changes

Mobile App Services

Mobile services that ensure performance and expedite time-to-market without compromising quality.

The era of mobility has arrived, resulting in corporate employees abandoning traditional devices in favor of smartphones and tablets. This is driving a rapid increase in mobile application development.

As a result, IT organizations must rethink how they deliver applications. Mobile application services will help you overcome these challenges, and ensure optimal application performance.

  • Mobile Device Hosting Service
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Solutions for Salesforce
  • Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • Low-code Platform