Training organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the business impact of learning, which brings measurement issues to the forefront. Reporting is important. “You cannot manage what you cannot measure” is a maxim that easily drives the need to more and better LMS reporting.

Earthly knows the SumTotal LMS architecture and ecosystem. We have learning specialists who are savvy about learning organizations and generate customized reports that provide actionable information and answers what ever inquiry the user’s have based on the data in the data warehouse.

Customized Reports and Analytics

Provide data that is timely and matches up with your organization’s performance indicators - not what somebody else thinks is meaningful.

Display tailored reporting that cuts through all the numbers to bring you only the data you really need to measure your outcomes against learning initiatives.

Produce reports that not only help you oversee cost/benefit analyses, but that are also easy to generate and comprehend.

Make use of charts and graphs for straightforward information visualization and evolve alongside emerging forms of analysis and new metrics definitions.


Why trust Earthly to provide you with the advanced dashboard and reporting solutions you need to remain competitive and informed?

Because we are dedicated to making this relationship work. We are not just a SumTotal LMS services provider - we are a team of informed, insightful individuals dedicated to getting to know you, your business, and what you need to succeed.

A long-term relationship with Earthly means customized reporting that is consistent and congruent. We are ready to use our expertise in reporting, database management and analytics technologies to grow with you and your organization’s evolving reporting needs, saving you time and ensuring you have the right information at your fingertips – now and in the future.